In all my years (20+) of being a Medical Aesthetician I have never experienced a product line like Tri-Derma. It was fall.  I was leaving a restaurant that normally has patio seating but the weather had change and all the tables, chairs, and umbrellas were put away until next Spring.  I was not paying attention … More Tri-Derma

Cosmetic Grade vs. Pharmaceutical Grade Products

Why purchase pharmaceutical-grade products?  There are active ingredients in pharmaceutical-grade products.  You can only purchase these products from a doctor or a licensed aesthetician because they analyze your skin type and assess what will work best for your skin. It just makes sense.  Good, quality skin care products are expensive.  You want your money to … More Cosmetic Grade vs. Pharmaceutical Grade Products

Toners, Toners, Toners

A good toner is an important part of keeping your skin clear and youthful!  There are so many to choose from!  It can be so confusing.   “Glyco-Toners” – Glyco-Toners contain glycolic acid in different strengths.  The glycolic acid helps the skin to exfoliate gently on a daily basis.  This is so important for regenerating collagen … More Toners, Toners, Toners


This product is truly unique.  I can only use it 1-2 times per week under my moisturizer.  It really gives me a boost of gentle exfoliation.  This is a must-have for anti-aging. Rejuven-A is an anti-aging treatment formulated with Retinol, CoQ10, collagen stimulating peptides and Vitamins C and E. Rejuven-A enhances cell growth, improves skin … More Rejuven-A