3D versus 6D MicroBlading for Eyebrows, Hairline, and Bald Spot

ba left ba left

It is simple.  Both methods are basically the same, implanting pigment with small scratches in the skin.  The 3D technique spreads the hair-like strokes very far apart.  In pictures, it looks great; on a person, it looks odd and unrealistic.  The 6D technique is a little more complex because it follows your natural hair line, growth pattern, and fullness.  It just looks so much more natural!  I can enhance a very thin brow or hairline to a fuller, more youthful look.

ba left

I do not remove all the hair from your brows!  I will wax and shape them.  I mark the inside, outside tail, and arch.  I then draw them in.  We do a little at a time, making sure you are getting exactly what you want.  You will be holding a mirror the entire time and we will have constant communication during the entire procedure.  You will get the brows you want!

ba right

Please take note of some of the “Before & After” pictures you see.  Make sure you are looking at lines that are put in with the actual hair intact.  Most of the pictures out there (not mine) are showing brows that were shaved completely off before the procedure.  While it makes it easy to see the strokes, it is not a natural look.

Please checkout my sites for more information and “Before & After” pictures:

Making Faces Day Spa

Making Faces on Facebook


Gem Storm on Etsy

1Making Faces on Etsy



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