Eyebrow MicroBlading – How to Avoid Pain, Mistakes, and Corrective Work!

Eyebrow MicroBlading, How to Avoid Pain, Mistakes, and Corrective Work!  If you would like more information on my experience please click on this link:  LINDA

More and more people are coming in for corrective work.  Most of this stems from the technician’s lack of experience.  I have been able to correct the mistakes and give my clients a more enjoyable experience.

There seems to be a theme with the errors that could be alleviated by asking the right questions when looking for a MicroBlading technician.

1.    How long will the procedure take?  This procedure should take no longer than 1-1.5 hours.  I am getting nightmare stories of 5-hour plus sessions.  This is ridiculous, outrageous, and will show tremendous inexperience.  RUN!

2.    What type of topical numbing agent do you use?  5% Lidocaine.  Most numbing agents do not work on closed pores. You will experience discomfort until there are enough open pores to numb the skin.  If they do not use a topical numbing agent at all, RUN!  (I repeat: there is discomfort initially but as the procedure goes on it should become completely numb.)

3.    What is your technique?  How do you do this procedure?  Pigment is added with each stroke.  Every technician uses a different technique.  Personally, I do small scratches with pigment on one side, apply topical, and go to next side until all is numb.  I am hearing horror stories of technicians making all the scratches with no pigment, then wiping the pigment on top after the procedure.  This is insane! There should be no reason to do this.  Why would you not implant the color as you go? Run!

I may be adding to this list as time goes on.  These are just the most common issues that are turning up right now.  Please be safe and have a wonderful MicroBlading experience.  No matter who you go to, ask the right questions.


2 thoughts on “Eyebrow MicroBlading – How to Avoid Pain, Mistakes, and Corrective Work!

  1. I recently had my eyebrows microbladed. And the technician made an huge error with them. One eyebrow significantly thicker than the other. She said she would try to fix It, but didn’t.
    Is there any way to help accelerate the fading process?
    I am at a loss what to do

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