Crazy Brows


Many years ago (over 20) while I was in Aesthetics school, a young woman came in for a service.  She had the craziest brows I had ever seen.  They were long and she brushed them straight up.  She had to use hairspray on them to get them to stay straight up like that.  It was crazy-looking!

So, as a student, I just assumed she wanted to have her brows waxed and shaped.  I went up to her and asked if she would like me to do a brow wax/shape service for her.  I told her I could help her with those “Crazy Brows”.


She burst into tears.  A teacher pulled me aside and said that she always wore them  that way and she was in for a hair service.  I felt horrible.  Not just because I obviously hurt her feelings but because she had such a distorted view of what was going on with her brows.  I apologized.  I secretly still wanted to do her brows sooooo badly! 


I have no idea what happened to her.  I wonder if she is still walking around with those crazy brows.  It is probably the fashion now – hahaha!



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